This Season: James Adamson

To Gwyneth with Love

The framework of time
We see the future with imagination
A desert blooms
Seconds tick by
A nap is snapped by a need to look into a drawer
It’s noon or eight
It’s dark or light
Rodents run by
Icicles hang and elephants play
Grass is so part of the land it grows on my back
Trees are so powerful their silence strikes like a punch
There’s wet on my lip
My stomach rumbles with religion
Friends become enemies like a beautiful bird
One hundred years is like a snapshot
The icebergs and glaciers fool us like a puppet
Flies are like condors
Reflexes are like eons
Leaves betray their innocence
Flowers make love
Women are like missiles
Peace is our chance to love them
Fun is a lifetime all at once
God is angry that we talk down winters
Machines are what we take for granted
I hold onto life
A mystery lies in my lap empty of the past
Hearts see the autumn pass
Fusion is the spring
Art is a chance to hold on looking at the rising sun