Reason: Cassandra Kulay

Reason fumbles with buttons keeping the detached
attached to repetition. Your greatest merit was to
have stayed with the picture. This life, elapsed
time, was concurring with a vague but persistent
sense of deja vu. I witness essential memories
and spiteful reminders of emptiness as a cold mist
settles. Visualise the recognition of memory
when all familiar markers have disappeared.
Angst manifest in your eyes, wells of discoloured
water and a dark, spurious cloak cast over a mud
puddle by a scheming lover. A crowd is waiting
for the train to nowhere, wondering at the
particular hour it gets here. It symbolises our
collective disappearance, our losing gamble on
giving life a chance, the environment only
seems more inhospitable. Our endless rhymes,
records and radar dehumanising our homes,
our songs, our community projects, now urban
developments, for us to see and not know, all
tell the fate of falling bodies sanctities. Forever
weighed down with victimisation, the subtle
force of tragedy, willing gravity. Through closets
and past mirrors, the train follows the tracks
diligently, neat as cross stitch with religious
linearity, politely it makes its way through a
shadowy maze of the sun not answering. We
dial the rain, dialectic inhumanity.