Laughter: Richard Edwards

Hope is something
we all need
if we are to succeed
a laugh can awaken the dream

a clown makes us laugh
how by allowing to see hilarity
it is a pity
that humour is the hardest thing to learn

Laughing is the greatest gift
it can cause a rift
it is not sublime
it has its time

we need to learn
that we are born
amid the scorn
we are not warm

in the winter’s hands
it is not sand
by Joe,
it is snow

don’t wear a frown
it is a smile upside down
that a clown wears
as he cares

to make us laugh
that is his sass
as he sashays
amid the class

he has a heart
that is his art,
laughter is his game
it is his fame

he cannot explain
why he is insane
laughter chases away
the blue days.