And Sam: Andrews

Would you see if we could
A better future for you in time
What is that you say you’re sure to be unsure
And Sam it’s not so tragically looked at
Could you sail your yacht on the water you ask
But I look adamantly a nap would be
And yes you may lay on my lap closing your eyes
And Sam you’re sailing now with imagination
But we can look at time now
A generation away really it’s not too hard
To just maybe gaze at a stormy sky
We could ask an astronomer oh so why
And Sam and Sam and Sam
I once could do anything you could imagine
Just understand it’s not so hard to nod off
What’s that you say you want a drink of milk
Well I could give you a cookie too
And Sam it’s not so tragically looked at
Now that you are asleep I will not wake you
I’ll pick you up and carry you to bed
I’m sure your sailing your yacht right now
And Sam you are sailing now with imagination