Place a Bet! Love! Oh! To Love!: Richard Edwards

Me Lad! Give It, But A Chance,
Me Lad! Give it A Chance
I Tell Ye! I Speak Of Romance!
Me Lad! Give It A Chance!
Me Lad! Place A Bet To Place!
I Tell Ye! It Can Make The Blind to See
Me Lad! Put A Farthing On It To Bet It To Show
Me Lad! Give It A Chance
I Tell Ye! Bet It On Thee!
Me Lad! It Will Always Come in To Win, Place or Show!
Me Lad! I Tell Ye It Is Not A Sin
I Tell Ye! To Believe!
ME Lad! It Will Come In TO Win! Love ON! Ho To Love!
Me Lad! To Give It Half A Chance!
I Tell Ye! The Steed Will Succeed!
Me Lad! Place A Six Pence On It!
Me Lad! Romance!
I Tell Ye! Give Love Half A Chance!