Rain: Cassandra Kulay

Rain, rain, don’t blame me
with your liquored eyes,
deep inside we love the same
things, it is why we try and try
to reach peace and understanding.
your mirrored eyes, open,
full of love and surprise
like a lightning strike,
it electrifies me inside,
by and by, we will feel the same
maybe it is better, to leave one another
room to be other.
I do not know what makes a lover,
worshipping distance or finding familiarity,
being shocked or caught in a web of
differences, I just know
my intent, where my feelings went,
to the same illusions, I cannot repent.
I would rather stand in the storm and
experience it, beset by emotions,
feeling immortal, rain, rain,
can you wash over me?
Do not blame me for philosophising,
I have never felt a love this strong
while I am so weak, forever pining,
I just want to understand, this
passion that makes ordinary life
so bland, shadows gather at the edges
of consciousness, look down on me
for I am blessed, just to know your
glance, your laugh peals like tear drops
striking a window, your compelling
power so unreal, so rain, rain, don’t
blame me for romanticising this
insanity.  You don’t want to
analyse things but I cannot stop
thinking or dreaming dreams.
Waking and sleeping, I wonder
what it all means, that I am the one
hit by lightning, I am the one
that finds it both exhilarating and
frightening.  Let me ruminate upon
this state of being and try to find
what I cannot see.  Rain, rain, don’t
blame me for all I am experiencing.
Bring me here, bring me home,
bring me close, listen to the storm sing.