Desiring Connection: Stephen Sigurdson

My arms folded, firmly crossed, fingers numbing,
a hand gently pulls them apart, only to share a hug.
Gently separated, now drawing my eyes from the floor to hers,
genuinely telling me she still sees the good beneath my beaten soul.
Please embrace me, I ask, with all my faults, do not let go,
I apologise in shame to myself for being in constant need,
with the pain inside so tender and deep to my core.
Please do not listen to what others say, believe me, it hurts, yes,
I am damaged, another disconnection in my life
and I am in jeopardy, it is not a threat, it is only
being truthful.
Let our connection grow,
I am confused to whatever good in my life always leaves,
a pill can only do so much,
excuses for mistakes, medicated, diagnosed,
can only be used so much, it becomes an overly used,
but a valid crutch.
I really need love and support,
please embrace me in whole,
the good and bad,
the imperfections,
accepting what is beneath, desiring connection.