Just Enter: Cassandra Kulay

Just enter my consciousness
to find what my aura may confess.
Just enter inside my loneliness,
Sadness and solitude can refresh,
just enter into where prayers are said.
I could put up walls to keep you out
but I would rather share my fear
and doubt. Sometimes I don’t know
what to do, just enter so I can talk
to you.  I like the quiet, I love to
reflect, even if I don’t have the words
quite yet.  I struggle with my emotions
trying to find peace, just enter into
some of the resolutions I seek.
This world, like a snow globe
With a centre immobile, feelings and
thoughts change but not the
immortal soul.  Just enter into my
illicit thoughts, only realised to be forgotten.
Just enter and I will welcome you,
Just enter into my personal truth.
The things I say,  the things I don’t,
the heart that beats underneath
the show.  Just enter into the relationship,
there is no one else I’d rather be with.
Just enter and you will find, beneath
My reticence,  I am eager to speak
my mind.  Just enter, no matter what,
no matter where, and you will find
acceptance there.  Just enter and I
think we will thrive on the unconditional
Love buried deep inside. Just enter
Although you hesitate, be there for me
And keep the faith.  Just enter while
I wait and meet me on a different plane.
Sometimes I am sensible, sometimes
I seem insane,  but I will conquer my
Internal pain.  Come inside, don’t be
scared, just enter and I will always
Be there.