Dependence on Delicateness: James Adamson

To Gwyneth, with Love

All the ages and all the numbers
are astounded by the space
and time of your beauty.
Your smile outnumbers all the
pleasure of a bird song on the solar wind.
Your eyes shine to compete with
the deepest gravity well, a centre
of galaxies that work wonders
for my life span.
Your form encapsulates the death of
death and promises children
will shine on our timeless joining
of children as they gather to your attention.
Your grace outdances the mechanism
of the universe as stars weave
in and out of company and even
a collision is a mingling of expert
steps to marvel the most all
encompassing astral physicist’s mind.
Your delicate heart is the most
powerful of universes, so fragile
it can only collapse with the speed
of light and return with more
because it forms endless
billions of more universes for me
to love about you.


From the book of self-published poetry, “A Cloudy Stage Set: A Creation of us All” (2001).