Halloween Night: Gerald Herron

The creaking coffins, the ghosts and goblins,
cobwebs, and long-legged spiders
that make your eyes open wider!
Pumpkins to jack-o-lanterns,
that light the way to the candy taverns.
Blue tights, red cape,
faster than a speeding bullet;
powered by little legs and feet.
Outlaws, desperados,
Jesse James, Billy the Kid.
Liquorice sticks and peppermints;
bars of chocolate
more valuable than Fort Knox.
And as I, too
indulge in a sugar fix or two,
I hear the past whisper
“We’ve now got whiskers!”
I again find my little boy’s smile.
To unwrap a candy on Halloween Night
is like
dipping my tongue into the fountains of youth;
where yesterday becomes today,
and the sweet treats, I stashed away.