Single Parenthood: Wendy Leslie Kirsch

I’ll cook the supper
I’ll feed the cat
I’ll throw in the laundry
There! That is that!

I’ll do the dishes
I’ll wash the floor
I’ll bathe the kids
But wait, there is more

I’ll get them all scrubbed
Then I’ll read them a book
Tori has a boo-boo
Let Mom take a look

I’ll fix their bicycles
I’ll take them to the park
I’ll make sure they are in
Before it gets dark

I’ll take them to the doctor
And to the dentist too
There is never time for me
Or anything I want to do

I’ll go to parent-teacher night
I’ll pick up groceries after
I’ll get home quite late to find
The place is a disaster

I’ll go pick up a movie
I’ll make sure it is one that’s good
If only Tiffany didn’t invite
Half the neighbourhood

It’s raining outside
We have decided to bake
They glop gunk all over
God give me a break!

I’ll hug them and love them
I’ll encourage them with praise
I’ll clothe and shelter them
What do you mean I don’t get a raise?

I’ll censor all t.v.
This is good; this is bad
I’ll make all decisions
I’m Mom and I’m Dad

I’ll discipline them for wrong doing
If they make a bad choice
Sometimes I get sick
Of hearing my own voice

We will do crafts together
It will be their reward
Ten minutes later
They will say, “Mommy I’m bored”

I’ll sew a curtain
I’ll shovel that snow
I am jack of all trades
Didn’t you know

I’ll drive them to lessons
And birthday parties too
Sure I can handle it
I have got nothing better to do

I’ll be Santa Claus and
The Easter Bunny as well
They put two and two together
And I thought they couldn’t tell

I’ll be the tooth fairy
I can handle it, I said
I’ll perform my duties faithfully
If I am not pronounced dead

I’ll settle the quarrel
I’ll referee that fight
I’ll rub their backs
Before bedtime at night

I’ll add some oil to my car
That runs extremely poor
Sometimes it seems like more
Then even I can endure

We will become a loving family
We will care for one another
I do not want any ifs ands or buts
Remember I am your mother

I’ll do the mending
I’ll scrub that wall
Wait a minute God
Is this my call?