Brilliant Light: Richard Edwards

The stars are in the heavens
their light allows us to see
the beauty of the light
the doves of sleep

allows the dreamers to dream
The writers to write their works
that faith of the living to accept
what the past has to offer

The love is eternal
it causes the song of mercy
to be hard by all
its call is answerable

The soft song love
is before the beauty
that is before
the song

Your heart speaks of
beauty that must be,
Sacred hearts hear the song

Love is the thing
we long for to hear
the hope of peace
is before the grace of God

Love is what we need to do?
Hear the song that is before
the lover of hope
answers thee

listen with to your heart
as it sings,
the songs of peace
Carries with it the dream.

Love is what we offer
love is what we do,
hearts sing
they bring with them the dream