Seasons 5: Brian Smith

When Fall comes calling,
the leaves start falling,
turning the trees into wood skeletons.
Empty branches stretch skyward,
as leaf-carpet coats my yard;
the cycle of nature nears its end.
Soon the snow will come blowing
and ice crystals will be forming
upon auto windshields for sure.
The cold will freeze engine blocks;
back lanes will build up ice-ruts:
it may seem the cold never ends.
But before you will know,
the Spring will come glow
so all the ice and the darkness will fade.
Then the clean-up
to remove Winter’s trash-sins,
allowing Springs natural beauty to pervade.
All life will be reanimated,
from the cover where it had hibernated
and Summer will bless us with blue skies.
When the season comes to a close
nature will again put on her shows,
as the Fall colours come to re-mesmerize.