Sit: Raime Goldberg

I look out the window
I am in a room of my apartment
I look out the big window
I shifted the blinds open to see
I see bright street lights
They are in a row
They light up the street
Beautiful uplifting pattern
I feel light
I hear music
Radio is on CBC station
Speak the truth
Feel the words
I turn the page
To write anew
“I want you to know
I want you to feel at home
Feel safe…so stay with me.”
-Unknown female singer
I see the bridge
The bridge is near grace
“Grace Hospital”
It’s Christian
I’m Jewish
I’m a Jewish woman
Stay with me
I listen
I do not compare
That is what was told to me
By an old-timer at the Winter Convention 2016
“A&W” new restaurant is
Across the street
Now I live in St. James
It is a grand beautiful
Luxurious building
With laundry, swimming pool,
Bathrooms, elevators, sauna,
Underground parking, lobby, and balcony
I listen to Joni Mitchell sing “Case of You”
Propel yourself
Walk around the block
Go when it’s light
Jay-Z vs. Toto “Change Africa”
Dad’s old iPod
The park across the street is present
Thank you God for the park
Thank you for the nature
Thank you for the trees
I am filled with gratitude
For my life and my eyes
My earlobes so that I can hang earrings on them
I am filled with love and gratitude
Now I am complete
Here is where I finally am loved
I am loved
Deep breath
Under my skin
City skiesThe infinite sky brings peace, humility, and quiet happiness