Men in Black: Cassandra Kulay

You terrified me
right out of my objections
killed my soul and spirit
and proceeded to dissect them.
We are never free
of one another’s projections
in this ugly, silent place
I see what you have done
behind my back and to my face
I want you gone, but
I am not the one
who holds the key to
getting you to leave me
alone, protect my home,
you have your authority
and I have the whispered me
that cannot find a voice
or way to be,
a child in the corner,
a distraught mourner,
no place of power,
the fear obliterates every hour.
Why me? I ask and get no answer,
the question echoes
night and day,
I know I cannot get away,
you will find me if I go and
you will appear if I stay.
What a beautiful world it was
before I knew, falling down,
the greatest dread
was not death but you, a
prisoner in a cage, once I
did silently rage, believe
that I could change my fate
but it cannot change through
love or hate, it is a bureaucracy,
a cacophony that does not
music make, a point of
no return, it burns and aches.
The human fodder of politics,
the justification that evil gives,
the sadness that drowns outrage,
while waiting for a moral change.
Hoping suffering karma gains,
learning how unfair the world is
may be the soul’s growing pains.
I like to think but I don’t know
In which direction my life will go,
stalked by cruelty, trying
to be kind, there are no heroes
that can combat injustice all the time.
This is my world, this is my mind
and somewhere I may solace find.
Wishing that I had a say,
that God will hear the prayers
I pray, but you lurk around to be
the something that is wrong with me.