An Homage to Winnipeg: Jordan Derksen

An omage to Winnipeg.
A true city of peace and beauty,
a city where you can get frostbite at Festival du Voyageur
and sunburn at Folkfest.
A nightlife of, music and friendship,
with drinks a three cheers.
We talk the night away in
alleyways smoking and joking
just want to hang out because it’s cold and it’s warm inside.
But in the summer we’re out all night under the stars
it’s too hot to sleep.
The warmth of the summer nights brings summer love,
those sweet secret midnight kisses.
The delicate dance of love down the back alleys
and up the streets across the river,
through The Ledge… Purple city with its golden glow and the Golden Boy,
a city of peace and beauty.
A city rich in soul and diversity for its’ bands, bars, house parties, socials,
and beautiful people are all kindred spirits inhabitants of the city I love.