Table for Two: Gerald Herron

I was out on the front porch the other day,
sitting on my throne, surveying the land,
thinking, what a good king I am!
And up arrived a couple peasants of mine,
Snowball and Achoo,
I looked at them and said, table for two!
Went and got each of them a plate of tuna.
And while they were eating,
I read them a little something I’d been working on;
they looked up from time to time.
I’m not sure if that meant they were interested,
or if they were just telling me to shut up.
They finished their meals, licked their paws, and left;
And I, patting myself on the back, what a good deed
I’ve done!
As I went to pick up their plates,
I noticed the two little beggars under the shade of a tree,
like lounging down by the poolside;
all that was missing were a couple of martinis!
Then this thought crossed my mind:
I said to myself, this can’t be right!
So I mulled over the latitudes and longitudes
of that,
I came back to the same conclusion!
Seems I’ve become a waiter, entertainer,
and dishwasher…
for a couple of cats!