Fragmented: Hanna Friesen

There is truth
a piece – a nugget
that you share with me
and away it goes
into the schizms
of my mind
as I receive noddingly
what you’re saying…
but because
there is no connection
between these schizms-
as they are bolts of lightening – shooting
around my pattered mind-
the meaning
is lost to the wind
on a reckless day.
But today
the sun is shining
and I have friends
and there is connection
which gives me meaning
and all is not lost…
I am not lost…
all my days
or the latter half
I heard the term
and it seemed good
and I tried to
achieve surrender.
But contrary to
my popular opinion
I came
face to profile
with my total
incompetent soulishness
But herein lies the key –
letting go was another
sweet surrender term
that I coveted.
And  I just
could not pull it off.
Now I have to believe
that this slow wave
is going to carry me
into your arms……