Coming Home: Jordan Derksen

I foreshadow the future
I see the sun go down
on the horizon, I hear the
Tall tales told in the night
Around smokes! The stories of
A hero and villains battle
Between men.
Man’s greatest
Enemy is himself! I try not
To think too far ahead, but
The battle lines have been
Drawn, if only a victory would
Bring peace and prosperity
Bring home the fathers and sons
Of faith and love, brotherhood
And respect, bring them home
To food and drink their
Wives and mothers and true
Patriot love. So when it is
All said and done. Did I
Do it for me; no, I did it
For you and all those who
Came before you and after.
For all those who gave of them-
Selves for the greater good.
We will give it back.