Beauty that I see: Richard Edwards

Dove that you are
your silver wings rise into the sky
we wonder why
this beauty flies into the sky

you are a sweet angel
The angel that you be
allows us to see
the beauty you are

you are a star
in your own right
you are out-a-sight
a delight to the eye

your smile
speaks of peace
you are sweet
very neat

your  beauty must be
seen to be realised
your silver wings glisten with the sun’s light
you are a pure delight

the sun is as you are wise
you smile and I am yours
as a beautiful clear blue stream
an endless night with thee

can you not see
who you be
sweet dove
you speak of peace

you are wise
I see thee
I bow my head and hand thee
a ring as I kneel before thee

can you not see
what I offer to you
it is why
I love you

because you are so true
that you be
I see only a beautiful angel
who is a dove sending me love