Kaleidoscope Online |Mission Pending: Jade Weedmark

I was sent down to earth,
With a ‘top-secret’ mission.
This mission is so secret,
even I don’t know it’s girth.

My mission is so up and down,
spinning inside-out and outside-in.
My brain hurts with so many confusions,
my face unable to do anything but frown.

God quietly tells me my next move
With many thoughts and dreams.
But I get confused by the other voices;
Impostors trying to be right and behoove.

My composure begins to deteriorate,
Not knowing what I must do next.
I am struggling to keep my sanity;
Making these voices disintegrate.

My thoughts now more intact,
and my next move becoming clearer.
The final part of my mission is here;
a soulmate needed for a loyalty pact.

God, this mission You gave isn’t easy,
and only getting harder as the years pass by.
I can’t seem to find the partner needed,
everyone has become so sleazy.

Everyone depending on substances,
whether sex, drugs, or alcohol.
I need a loyal soulmate who can fight,
able to fight through all these instances.

People are full of sadness and darkness,
walking around like mindless zombies.
Earth being filled with many lost souls,
people becoming evil and heartless.

I feel like life is slowly ending,
still unable to find my needed partner.
I am still desperately searching,
but for now, this mission is pending.