Let Me Be Free: Stephen Sigurdson

A ship in a bottle floating to sea, leaves
growing in a building on a tree
The polar bear at the zoo on display, desiring
peace and quiet on this cold day
grass being torn out of a football stadium
more injuries take place, like people competing
in life’s ongoing race
How does this pertain to me, like the boat in a
bottle floating to sea?
I want to relax and slow down to be at ease
not to be killed by life’s disease.
Trapped in a cycle of all work and no play,
feeling like a polar bear on display
Let my boat without the bottle float to the sea, let
the leaves grow in the fresh air on that tree.
Go to a football game, and smell the
grass, hopefully not seeing a player leave in a
The message in the writing above is simple you
see, the message I am asking is please let me
be free.