From Up Above: Marie LeBlanc

The tears I cry
At every turn
Wants you back
In body and mind

I know your soul
Is alive
Yet I want to see you
By my side

I grieve for you
Day to day
Knowing your life
Was taken away

You left too early
Not knowing
The influence you had
On life itself

Elapsing time
My heart grieves deeper
With memories
Of life once lived

I wish to see you once again
With love and gratitude
My first impression

When the gates of heaven opened
Heaven became a better place
I feel your presence and manifestation
Through everything I see

In my daily journey of life
At this moment in time
I know you are alive and present
In all the hearts entwined
Your soul will carry on
As you fly along the angel wings of
The beautiful butterfly beyond

Your love for life itself
Was truly unconditional
So many lessons learned
From your compassion
So inspirational

With Love and Light
I look at the stars
Wondering where you really are
I know you are there up above
Watching over everyone

My guardian angel
May you rest in peace
My memories will stay alive
With guidance from above
You sacrificed your life for us
I love you and I miss you
Looking forward to the day
Upon the time we reunite
Your soul will live forever
In the hearts of many lives

Living your life to the fullest
At every bubble of moment in time
Like a bee spreading its nectar
You lived your purpose in life