Containment Inside, To the Glory or God, To Gwyneth, with Love: James Adamson

It’s like you’re free in my arms
Light lightly feather light
Sing singingly feather bird
Give life air through the window bird
Bird of tomorrow window
Make swimmingly the song, the heart
Singingly you’re in my arms
Work hard physical life holding
Freedom work of forming rest
Loving deep among the sky
Sway dance tree dancing in the sway
Wind talking leaves flicker
With light
Reach man the mountain talking the
Walk prairie shores
Spin universe entertain the centre
Everywhere life, you’re free in my
Arms asking the bird questions
Art like blood that is clear
Like the sun and pounds rivers lakes
Oceans fertile like salt passions
The muscle to know the strength of weaknesses
A sunrise red of the horizon of
Lines like flight.