Riots in Vancouver – A Prayer: Jason Cheung

Riots in Vancouver!
Police cars ablaze; Store windows

Many injured, many more places trashed and looted.
Chaos ensues in a city of sin devilry at worst?
I prayed that it wasn’t so.
Because we lost a hockey game, the flares insinuate and perpetuate.
The fire of hell and hatred so strong, that they forever will scar and change the landscape.

All for what?

Not for the glory of hockey – we are all winners in the Canadian family even if the Canucks
didn’t win.
Not for the so-called fraternity and brotherhood that we are known for.
But rather for the actions taken out of the plight from the heart.
No longer seeking Stanley, the mighty icon of hope, peace and dreams,
But trying to regain sanity once was
when we are brothers and sisters, not enemies but moments ago.
Then we transformed into something less than human.
Shame on us not for our actions tonight,
But our collective failure to love one another – both as brethren and sisters.

So many
so much desecrated, some may not even wake up.

But what is the lesson in all this?

Better police measures, liquor control, crowd control?
No. This is a lesson of the heart that needs to be taken, by the heart.

As empathetic human beings, we degraded ourselves to
Something so much less than us,
Something so wrong,
Something so unsacred.

Lord, please give us serenity and the opportunity in our heart.
And fill it with the goodness of love and friendship.

When we are angry, full of hate and mischief, that we channel our feelings to something positive, And that we turn our savage ways of destruction and know that it only destroys us at the end.

Those who
for peace and the path of harmony need
To be reminded that love is our binding force.

Shall we lose that, we lose our humanity.
Shall we be ignorant, we become less capable to love.
Shall we be hateful, we only turn our hearts away from our Godly ways.

Redemption is possible,
To those who seek to mend.
This is a lesson to be learned,
That our hearts are connected in more ways than one, and that we are never alone.
We have the choice to either better or worsen the fate of humankind.
The choice is in our hands.

God Bless Vancouver.
God Bless Canada.
God Bless Humanity.