From Feather to Pen: Stephen W. Sigurdson

A feather, so light, no weight, with freedom, no work, no time, never late.

A feather with little or no impact, as it eventually, softly will land, having no destination in mind or tasks at hand.

A feather floating, void of tension, able to be one with nature, to let go, in the air, or even in the water it will flow.

A feather, not concerned of being in control, void of the stimuli that surrounds it, not concerned of being too light, just floating with no weight, not worrying about its fate.

A feather, a long time ago, landing on a pen, letting what the writer feels and thinks flow, letting the weight off with innermost words on paper.

Inspiration aspired, history documented, stories told, love expressed, imagination comes to life, wisdom and innocence crossing paths.

For some, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”, while to others like myself words open a new world, something unique and special. It can be a well-written song, a book, or a powerful speech; all try to connect and bring people together.

In the world today I feel bottled up, sometimes alone, but with a feather to pen, paint to brush, guitar pic to string, words can be remembered long after we pass.

Feather To Pen, who knows how far, by you or I, what we write, the message we send, to others and In time, a connection, continuing to transcend.