Escape to Freedom: Jade Weedmark

I feel like a little fish swimming in a deep dark ocean full of tangled nets.
I get myself tangled in a net, struggling with the pain of detainment.
I cry out for help, struggling to break free.
As I look around, I notice everyone else tangled in nets.
I get an instant feeling of discouragement.
I stop struggling and start to listen.
I hear a small distant voice saying, “Don’t give up”.
Suddenly, I get a boost of inner strength!
I watch my surroundings, paying attention to every detail.
A swift undercurrent sways me inside a coral reef, tangling the net even tighter.
I wait for the perfect moment, to break through this dangerous bondage.
Another undercurrent jolts me, and the reef cuts the net.
“Ok, now you’re ready!”
I push my way through the net, and swim to My Freedom!