Time Eclipsed: Anonymous

The clone of mystics is to some oblivious

Motion is a twig of time as is a sign

A little breeze is a breath of events

As is a secret to a life form

To swoon is a state of thought

The moon cast a shadow on a world

As time is part of space

And the ages of worldly events stake a hold on all

And man keeps music to his pace of beliefs

While he transcends his memory with time and space

The quiet stage listens to his breathing pace

And gazes at the natural breath of nature

And feeds his intellect and bodily needs with good deeds

As he behaves in awe

And communicates in pictures from times past to today

And relate not a difference but a state of initial beginnings

As time gone by with the structure of that deed

As is yesterday is also today

When snow does not serve as a coat

It leaves a cover but cools

And changes the temperature to start life anew

– Anonymous