Starting Over: Anonymous

You said that I would amount to nothing; you gave me a stigma and a label, despite, the ups and downs

 I’m turning my life around. Fighting to be stable.

You said that I would never change my stripes; but I am undergoing a renaissance,

I am tired of crying; so I will die trying. My precious life only happens once.

In spite of the stigma, judgments, advice, and opinions. I set my own standard for happiness

Since now you have no dominion.

I have to face the music, since my life won’t rewind. Au revoir; Adious I am leaving you behind.

I am starting over. So you and I must part. I must purge myself of all toxins

So that healing can start.

I am giving myself a mental makeover and shed the dead weight, that continuously is trying

To take over.

Peace and balance have seemingly been elusive and you…you have been

Extremely abusive.

You paralyzed my heart and mind and I am calling you out by name.

Doubt, Pain, Fear, Self-loathing, Regret and Shame.

I sought refuge in any vices and habits since I felt there was no answer

To the questions of “Will I ever be healed”.

You infected me like cancer.

You blinded me so, through clouded vision,

I beheld a warped reflection. I have envisioned my happiness.

I clearly see that you must feel rejection.

Your antithesis, Hope, has taught me that you’re playing a mind game,

Now that hope and optimism have rescued me. I will never be the game.

You see history has shown me,

That there is nothing that I can’t overcome.

By leaving you and starting over,

Regardless of where I come from…..I can start over.


– Anonymous