The Beast From Within: Megan Tyler

She combs through the

flaming flesh that is

guarded by

 a hungry monster alive

 in the ticking torso of her body

rattling hands turn on the

faucets to block the

 disturbing noise

of the beast that is

        scratching my


 climb out


the cobwebbed throat

that it is trapped in.

Tried to purge the demons and

leave the secrets

in the bathroom toilet

the hanging trap of the

shrieking scream swallows


    Rib cages

my innocence


flesh upon flesh

       Unravels each

 flimsy fault to my

naked eyes.

It crawls its way out of my


The beast from within.

– Megan Tyler


 Megan has won 2 Editors Choice awards on Teen ink, a website for teenagers to share poems.