Spinning Lights: Marie LeBlanc

Electrifying lights
Spinning through my mind
Like fire of the earth
Shining through the light of night
Glimmering lights of hope
Pass through
The mirage
Of time
Waking the inner being
Inside my glowing heart
Walk over the fire of coals
And shine even in darkness
Twists, turns, curves.
All of what we experience in life
What is your perception
Of the fire and light
Earth, air, fire, and water
The essential elements of our being
We need fire to keep us warm
And provide our light
We need the air to breathe
And water to cleanse our emotions
We need the earth we walk on
With the roots into our ancestry
Through the webs of the earth
Burning with desire
Breathe the fire
Do not fear the fire
It is our provider of heat and light
Sparks of light
Spinning like an illusion
With magic in my mind
Mass emotions spin around
Of lights within my cognizance