Fat Freedom Day: Jason Cheung

I can’t stand it anymore.
I mean it’s horrific.

It forgives no one, senior nor child, man or woman.
In fact, its trickery and the advertising mechanisms are so enticingly detrimental,
it should be tried for war crime.

It’s a label that stigmatises us. You rather be anything but that.
It’s beyond a schoolyard taunt, it is an epidemic.

Aboriginal, white, Chinese, and black friends are not immune.
No one is immune.

It is true that it’s easier to prevent than to intervene.
Intervening is difficult can only work and achieved by a lucky few.
I am suggesting this time an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

What am I saying? Well, my nemesis known as fat has returned.
And it scared the shit out of me.

What am I proposing?
Take that god-damned excess jelly-like substance known as fat and serve it on a cold platter, a platter that no one wants.

If everyone just lost a pound every week and donate a dollar to the eradication of obesity, maybe, just maybe we will succeed!

Am I ambitious, maybe.
What am I suggesting, preposterous, maybe.
Determined, damn right I am.
For my friends, today is the first Manitoba Fat Freedom Day.