May Days: Marjolaine Brodeur

May comes to us to let it be known that it wants us to remember those who have struggled whether they are workers or mothers who have had a part in the making of our history. They are all important. No matter if they were labourers or mothers, all have had an impact in society

Labourers are the backbone of our society’s workers and are worthy of our respect for the very work that they do day in day out. Mothers, however, are greatly in need of our respect for all that they do for us. They nourish us and educate us as well as prepare us for what the world will throw at us.

Need to celebrate them all as primary workers for our eventual well-being. We, also, need to respect them as society’s mainstays and forces for our growth as people who respect others and find value in the alien in our mist.

True, some mothers are better at this role than others, but it must be said that they tried the best of their abilities to fulfill this function. We must forgive them for their shortcomings and hope for better times to come.

So, let us indeed praise those who have properly embraced their roles and help those who have not to become better at the roles they are expected to fill.