Standing..: Cassandra Kulay

in the half light of the moon
touched by elusive fragments
of dreams.
tells me to scream
but it is only you.
Night terrors
and old friend, returned,
to guide me, lost in this
You give me things,
I never keep in dawn
they haunt me as
unbroken circles become
broken dreams.
Jagged landscape does not
cut only saws away at me
but I seek no unkind peace.
At least not tonight
as I still breathe,
a question asked and
answered but not
decided and so,
you have come to watch

In your company
I will never lose
the dim Atlantis wading
through deepest oceans
and sitting, helpless,
hopeless, wrecked and
in muddy riverbeds.
The soul at best is lost,
lonely and free.
A palace of well intentioned
weakness that no explorer
of the psychological soul
can see.
Playful and shadowy
a lost world that comes
and goes on emotional
Heart of love and pride
and all human glory.
Agent of the downfall
I will never lose you
my friend, reminding
me of who I am.

And I,
with my rebel mind
tend to think the place
holy, however it thinks
I tread softly.
I fear,
but here at the edge
the sun shines warm
and the leaves dance
swirling and twirling.
I am airborne
I am windswept.
No soundless, scapeless
dark vacuum sucks me
into the hollow gut of it.
Life lives here
compounding a painful sweetness.
It is only the numbness
that threatens me, the
monotony of solitary tragedy,
the forced march of no escape
that casts me away.
Stop me and execute
trap me in the dark
like a misbehaved child.
Suffocate thought
and all the while
keep me in a place
of no movement and
no space.

All the world. One atom
without change.
Things go on,
from day to day,
and you lay
a static shot as the
predator smirks over
the carcass.
No expectations
of any simple mercies.
On the edge
breath draws in the
grasses and the heart
beats steadily with sex rushing through
the motions of everything.

Death blossoms in the
fertile earth while
you are only a few feet
away and I can grasp
you so easily if I reach
far enough and let
the jagged beauty cut
silver and clear,
let the heart bleed.
The ground is bruising
torment crushing me
upward but strangers
ask and I am fine.
I can survive.
where danger and peace
lie intertwined
I remember why,
you first came.