Winter Survival: Marjolaine Brodeur

How will the many birds and other animals survive the oncoming winter?  After seeing so many of these birds roosting on the ledges of windows adjacent to the nearby park, I wonder how they will do it?  The squirrels I see in the parks and other treed areas remind me that they too must find ways to escape Winter’s brutality and ensure their survival.

No doubt many will find comfort in garages and other sites, it is true that this may not be the case and that many of these creatures will not survive.  Yet, many will, and find themselves reproducing their like.

Having found many dead birds as I walk through the park either for pleasure or on my way on errands, I am reminded that this is part of the cycle of life.  I am comforted knowing that the cycle of life is more important than any feeling by members of humanity.  What is precise is the emotions these losses of life mean to mankind’s.  That we care is a testament to our humanity and must be respected as such