Tactical Data: Cassandra Kulay

If the world rests on a butterfly’s wings
and there is some way to arrange the
kaleidoscope of being, there may be a way
to interpret the chaos, even a god to rule
us, just as scientific discoveries battle
disease and examine the method to the
madness, even of allowing the soul to heal.
What if junk DNA gave us super-powers,
a puzzle to fill the days and hours.
What if the stars were more than just sky
candles, burning bright in an endless night
determining our fate as they collaborate in
a celestial dance, we ask so many questions,
there is much room to fill in the blanks, for
surely we cannot construe meaning, based
on clues and innuendos, no way to tell for
sure, who is wrong and who is right, about
the complex systems that operate within
and around us. Conjecture continues at a
furious rate, one generation to the other, the
torch is passed, answers lead to more inquiry,
are we using our talents and curiosities to
maximum efficiency? We conspire to find
the limits of our mind, the ways of rationality
and time bring answers which we can apply
to new quandries and keep developing new
systems of logic and philosophy, tactical
data to progress in our search for other and
for self, to comprehend the world around us,
but many shots are misfired, eventually we
get bored and tired yet systematically we
conquer the knowledge gap to find new
mysteries looming up ahead, the conversation
taxes the intellect but the torch never wavers
and earns our respect, the wisdom of our
elders, the faith in change of new generations,
we know what we know through intuitive
complications, we beleive and we reason,
we feel and we think, these things are not
opposties but tools for greater understanding.