Eternal Rain: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth, with Love

The woman of a kaleidoscope mind
Respect for colour and change
Grabbing at straws as a means of handing out flowers
A countenance like the sun
A smile like a season
Truth beams into your eyes
She goes unseen because her light is everywhere
A friend to even those she hates
Hatred truly felt like a rod of lightening
Even to those who cannot see
There is an eternal rain that perpetually reveals her beauty
There is a light that celebrates light
Youth is hers because she reaches out to children
She has seen the small slip of descending into illness
Looking around to see the possibility that words will matter
She is like an army to defend the weak
Gardens and gardens of flowers
Flowing over each other irrefutably
Waves of sunlight over the battle field
The God of war needs for us to see a better way
Even in anger there is great sincerity
The beauty of a better way emanates
Admitting to her hatreds she always disables means of destruction
She knows the great mountains of broken cups and plates
She has seen the complacency of blood
Lost environments will never be hers
There will always be a way
As if everyone points at a small child she will always say something to protect it
It will all turn around
A new perspective is just around the corner
A slight turn of phrase will change the world
Her mind will cock her head
And she will always truly believe
That starting again
Will teach the soul