True Lovers: Cassandra Kulay

The unblinking eye of truth
follows me as it follows you.
You are trying to avoid detection,
I am sheltered by your protection.
We can’t be shielded by our affection,
forever lost in our soulful connection.
This world is harsh, there is no doubt,
if you need help, people pretend not
to know what you’re talking about.
Capitalism is supposed to trickle down
but the man refuses with a judgmental
frown. You try to defend your right to
be but your misery is slight weighed
against a spoiled and happy life.
You earn your way because you can
and lack compassion for those who
take a stand. The almighty dollar
determines your worth and even
lifetimes of work would not put you
on top but you still think that happiness
can only be bought. The rich are heroes,
even without humane values, trying
to make the downtrodden well
behaved so that injustice quells their rage.
The government watches us to see what
we say and do, it violates our privacy to
avoid a coup. I hope that experience will
not tear us apart, that even when plagued
we will have a heart. I hope we will not
be dragged under the current that keeps
the bottom rungs of the ladder out of
sight and out of mind. I hope that we will
not be swallowed by bad intent, left to
wonder where all decency went.
We should respect each other for all
we have endured and soar upon the
wings of true freedom that we have
earned. By standing up for ourselves and
others, we will know agape and become
true lovers