Our Music: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth, with Love

The universe has music of the spheres
The solar system and our moon and planet
We interpret most, what we are familiar with
The moon had a sea of tranquillity long before we named it
Mars had huge canals and rivers long before our imagination conjured them
Venus was our best hope of familiarity
There are centuries of science now but it inherited gods and myths
Science gave us the impression of questions answered but it only offered more questions
Call it gravity all you want, it’s only a new name
Call it a new spin on an old theme
Call it a dance we have seen a billion times
Name that dance floor and amphitheatre
Do we grasp at understanding or celebrate our limitations
We place limits on our understanding to experience meaning
Satellites spin and whirl
Rockets are fireworks with attitude
Every step could be the beginning of a dance
Social morays see us spent on the dance floor instead
Glory humbles us to true rhythm and grace
Instruments abound as we lose control only to find ourselves
We interpret the night sky
We live the sunlight
Music bends our minds and dance gives it light
Everyone dances grabbing at the universe
Everyone dances to exceed the dance floor
Around your bed you stay alive
Lying, in bed, the radio pumps through your veins
Images from the books you read live because of the very
Interpretation of the ether, we breathe
The ethereal passes us into somewhere beyond
Time catches us and surrounds us into ideas so alive they are timeless
What we interpret most is what is closest
The moon names the woman and rhythm is deep within us
Because it passes over us every day and night
We swim in the sea of tranquility
We move and ache like the axis of our planet
We drink in the salt and water to the sway of the waves
The waves crash against the shore
Small and large alike
Stunned into stillness, the horizon asks if we can dance in another land
All entertainment is either the broken pulse or the deepened amplified throb
Is my heart beating?
Am I alive?
Ask the most basic questions so no one can steal them
Courage to live in the face of death is the only life
To see all the universe is to have a heart beat that can exceed its source
And truly glorify it
The world is a veil and we don’t know anything properly
To last through the veil made of light is to embrace mystery
Yet to have a heart