Iridescent: Shayna

I feel like a frayed wire. Electric
pulses are firing not knowing where to go
sparking and searching for the dead cables
under my ribs and in my mind.
I can feel the disconnect in my guts
it still lives there.
My mouth is heavy and tastes metallic.
My insides feel as if they are shining blue and
green like a housefly.

I have never shaken so uncontrollably.
My legs felt foreign, how could they be mine if
I was not moving them?
I kept waiting for the numbness
to wash over and take me away
from that reality.
But it never came.
Instead my limits were tested.

A sickness spread through my body.
My mind, and my mouth.
Everything was alive and wild.
Crashing waves and stampeding thoughts
taking every ounce of control.
Now I sit broken and dead.
Ghosts of electricity slice through my
Not enough to ignite a fire
but burning me nonetheless.