I Love You: Susan Marie Rowley

There are many ways
to say I love you
and many ways
to answer
there is the traditional
“I love you”
and “I love you too”
used in Hello, Goodbye
and every day
there is the surprise
“I love you”
to which you say, “That’s good”
when you think you have heard it
a million times
there is “I wuv you”
when you are feeling cute
and there is the
questions “I love you”
that is merely answered
by a groan
when it is too hard to
get out of bed
and there is the plaintive
“I love you” said across
the miles when it seems
like the only answer
cannot be delivered soon enough
it is a placebo, a medicine
a cry for help and a cure
and between me and you
it is always for sure.