Creativity: Cassandra Kulay

There is creativity in everything you see,
someone made it, sometimes loved it,
brought an idea to fruition with devotion.
Creativity urges us to grow, even when it
seems there is no way, expressing our
thoughts and feelings gives us a repertoire
of reaching, like a plant in soil, a tree
expanding its branches toward the sky,
we define ourselves and yearn for
conclusions, questions exist in the
background like a babbling brook,
forever renewing the thoughts we are
continually pursuing. Creativity circulates
amongst us, for some a religion, for some
an unconscious impulse, for some it is
just being, for some it is growing up, for
some it is a competition, for some pursuing
an art, for some it is having children, for
some meditation, for the observant, it is
where philosophies are born. Creativity
is the lifeblood of humanity, we may hate
it or revere it but it always evokes a
response, with creativity we are, we can,
we do and don’t, we think twice, to make
it individualistic but when someone relates,
we are together in being alone. When
collective humanity comes calling, it is
the greeting that we know. What to leave
in and what to leave out, we struggle with
decision, we are tormented by doubt.
Creativity can be pragmatic or focus on the
unknown, it can be mystic or reflect the
patterns of everyday life. Wherever we go,
creativity will guide us.