A Long Journey: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love

Even the fundamentals change for every journey
Adults see them differently than children
Yet all journeys begin with one step
It’s also a mystery sometimes whether we’re on a journey
Although life itself is a journey
It seems to be quite often I have looked back
and been amazed with myself
Even though it seemed mundane and boring at the time
Often a journey of the spirit coincides with a journey of the feet
Often it is a journey when you cannot move at all
There is a journey to even the corner store
It takes courage to kiss a woman
And it takes courage to forgive yourself for kissing a woman
It is a journey watching yourself age in the mirror
It is a journey waiting for the phone to ring
This poem is a journey part of which is that I have learned
to make it an offering
It takes time to learn to agree to disagree
It takes time to learn to just do it;
To find a way to be comfortable with your effort
It takes time to learn that you are getting older
It is hard to keep up with the years
Miracles appear and some of them were taught to take for granted
Others were taught never happened at all
As we fly over the clouds and basically see the world from orbit
Buses flying themselves down mountain roads
Mountains can get you in their grasp lost for direction
A tenuous and fragile string of life and all the times you are sure you died
Family and friends come and go as your learn a higher relevance
Learning that everything you say may take time and commitment
for people to see
Often it is the most simple ideas that challenge us most
The simple friendship with my cat required patience
after he sliced my upper lip soon after I brought him home
I feel so big and small in time and space
Yet I will never leave my planet except if I pay to barely leave it
No matter how long the roads are I walked along
I get lost in my thoughts
With all the thoughts of counting the hairs on my head
A power that exceeds us can become our friend
The fall and rise may mean we are snagged by our pain
Thus the need to judge
The lesson of life is also that it is worth it
As the father as such that we are all part of Him
To save as many as He can
As the sun knows our pain and we learn from the Holy Ghost
To even try to fit in at church
Or at work
Wondering if a journey will be cut short
Waiting to fall asleep in bed
Waking in the morning seems always to be a slap in the face
Yet ten years in bed taught me the freedom of getting out of bed is worse
I have been asked if I can handle the silence for a moment
When it seems like the desire for it is not there in who asked
It might be said I took the long way around
to learn the intentions of others is not always good
That a social morays require the ability to see past the negatives
Then pop culture seems wrong and insipid
Except when you have a sense of humor
My pain may have been about seeing how far behind I was
Yet there is no way I am not listening to authority
as if I have my pain figured out
Even the most insightful ideas can be grasped
Yet true understanding is more than intellect
Beginnings and endings are constantly coming to be in the smallest moments
Children are born, one every second
All I have to say is have patience
Or else all I have learned may not matter at all