Revision: Peter Herget

As the sun sets in the east and when it has risen to the west, these feelings of discontent and emptiness all around. The only way to fill the spaces between is knowing that some parts are still in thought. For tis those parts that make thy memories whole again. Be at peace with thy thoughts, for they are not reconciled with, they will torment and beseech thy mind.

To be or not to be? Within these questions, where would one find such an answer? Tis it be within the walls of the mind? Or is it within the barriers of one’s self? To find thee answers that be, thy must seek deep down inside. For without thy mind, thy body cannot act. Thy must fight against not only thy foes close, but thy allies closer.

For every breath I take, let thy love stay true. For every word that is said, let it be you. With thy final words, I love you with a kiss. With every thought that was and every thought that is, let it bring forth a new tomorrow…for tis be a new day for glory and honor.