Moonlight: Marjolaine Brodeur

Staring out of her apartment’s window towards the night sky, the woman was pleased to see the moon’s fullness. It caused her so much pleasure that she greeted it as if it were an old friend. Many might have found her strange to do so; but, she cared not what “they” thought of her, she felt strangely connected to this orb in the sky.

Using her binoculars she could make out more of its features than a casual observer would. It mattered not that its light was the result of its reflection of Earth’s own closest stars. The magic it held for her was in its solitariness in the planet’s make-up. Unlike other planets which had many moons orbiting them, the Earth had only one to hold sway in this planet’s purview.

This lone orb held the Earth in its power. Tides which ebbed and flowed, rivers which were filled by creatures who navigated by its power. The skies were flush with the myriads of birds who hunted by its light. Even man whose mind could be stilled under its influence as well as awed by its beauty.

Putting down her binoculars, the woman reached for the steaming cup of herbal tea and raised it as though in a toast before she brought it to her lips and stood there at the window sipping its comforting brew. No matter what went on in her life she knew that here was comfort and stability. She could trust it to soothe away whatever life threw at her in her day’s doings. It was more reliable than the host of religions that man devised to control the people.

It asked for nothing; no gold, no incense, no sacrifice, no subservience. Yet, it could fill a soul with peace and joy. Though she knew that the sun was infinitely more powerful than the moon, it could never still a mind in turmoil.

“Thank you, my friend”, she said before draining the last drop of tea from her cup.

Turning from the window she began to get ready for bed. In no time after turning her bedside light off, she was fast asleep embraced in a cocoon of wonder.