The Tree: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth, with Love

The leaves are throughout
In the soil and in the trunk
The branches curl into fractal infinity
The twigs go further
To hold a planting is to see the universe
Hug a tree and you will know affection
Climb a tree and you will see a friend
Dance like a gibbon and you will save the world
Like a sloth and family will always be near
Eat the leaves and you will see growth
Protect a tree and you will have a brother
See the light through the leaves and miracles will be part of your life
Use the wood and you will be spiritual
Carve the wood and you will be an evangelist
See the universe as a tree and you will touch God
Care for a tree and you will celebrate mankind
Admire a tree and your heart will beat again
Strive to live like a tree in one place and the planet will share your heartbeat
See the tree nourished and watered and you will be given honour
See the clouds as they pass through a forest and you will see poetry
Try to cage a tree and you will know evil
Be certain it can’t grab and hold and you will know ignorance
Kill a tree and responsibility is yours
Rely on new growth and time will begin as a precious jewel
Calculate the age of a tree and you forsake wisdom
See the beauty of a tree and spirituality is a light
To protect a tree is for it to protect yourself
It is the friend that loyalty and comfort offers if you offer it yourself
A friend truly, for the first time
As you hope the roots are your friends
Made of animals that eat the war of the flesh of our planet
Some is celebrated, some is consequence, some is the power of the sun
But all is for all as evil is filtered into a prick
And love just wants tomorrow to turn the open wilderness into the plaything of a children
And the tree holds it all