The Love of a Couple: Richard Edwards

The dream of being with one
who loves you,
if your heart is true
it will be.

Set your heart free
to look upon the sea
of humanity
it is thee.

Your genuine heart
calls for another to see
who you be,
there is an art

that comes from thy heart
it sets the love free
to be with thee
your heart is tender and smart.

The song of love
calls to thee
to be free
your heart is as pure as the dove.

White as a virgin sheet
you are sweet
very neat
kind lady see

the love you have
cherish the dream
its scheme calls to thee
the sea is what we be.

Doth thou not see,
the beauty you be
it is an emotion
it is the equation

of love for thee
soft as the summer’s breeze
it does as it pleases
to please thee.