The Flower: Pamela Wain

A little girl is like a flower
When she is little she has no power
She is a seed that wants to grow
A gentle wind, a caressing flow.

The seed sprouts out of the dirt
Until somebody wants to flirt
The little seed halts her growth
She wants to grow but she can’t have both.

A young seed needs of love
Sunshine and rain from the Father above
But if that seed has a life of doom
It might as well grow in a cold dark room.

The seed forms a leaf of two
The leaf is green, oh so new
Then something happens that makes it stop
The leaf fights, wants to stay on top.

Bad things happen to the seed
Feels like it is really stuck in a weed
It struggles to stay alive
It has to grow, must survive.

On the end of the stem becomes a bud
It’s away from the dirt, out of the mud
But still it is being hurt a lot
Getting stepped on and planted in a pot.

The bud can’t seem to open up
It is very frightened, like a shivering pup
It is trying to live, trying to grow
But the process is so, so slow.

The bud is given to another person
Then the sunshine gives it reason
It’s given tender, loving care
Watered and talked to, life seems fair.

Given a home with love and light
The bud continues to grow and fight
Looking forward to a bright new day
The bud peeks out, has lots to say.

The bud has memories of all of its awful days
But it tries to feel good in many ways
When it is cloudy and there’s lots of rain
The bud remembers its life of pain.

The fight still on to live its life
Through the days of endless strife
If it feels it is slipping through a funnel
There’s a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

The bud begins to open slightly
A beautiful flower opens delightedly
A wonderful color, shades of blue
The bud thought it would never come true.

A little girl is like a flower
Once opened up, has lots of power
The tunnel opens at the end
The light shines through, she is on the mend.