One Must Get Up When One Has Fell: Stephen W. Sigurdson

Here I sit, absent of wit.
Full of stress, shaking my house of cards.
I just need a sign, an energy, a smile, something positive to aid an ailing soul.
Too much strain on my kindred heart. My life’s puzzle missing pieces
To finally to become a part.
Do you know the answer? Do know the question to ask, ‘til then going
Day to day following my task.
The answer is within, working out the stressful poison of sin. Not by my own
Doing, just an illness, that I have succumb, despite my best.
It is up to me to empty the negativity inside, let it flow, let it slide.
I know it may not be inherently fair, but I have to do this, for once and forever,
Let it go, in the pool of abyss.
I now know it is something I must do alone, with some support, wish me well, only
Time will tell, one must get up, when one has fell.