A Ceiling: James Adamson

To the Glory of God
To Gwyneth with Love

The clouds are nothing solid
Neither is the sun or sky
Yet as with technicalities the clouds form a ceiling
I suppose the surface of water is a ceiling for fish
That whales and others flirt with
And man has countless ceilings made of wood metal or gypsum
And with limitations placed on some of us
Yet many of us make progress by not listening to the ceiling layered in our way
And we change the nature of things
Glass ceilings seem to almost exist in jest
As if some lives don’t see what they’re up against
Yet God places a ceiling on us
We cannot go beyond our earthly coil
We cannot speak as though the sky and stars reveal the heavens
As if we will see the blessed and the angels sitting around
With a digital camera powerful enough
Yet one profound ceiling is to never say never
While what is the point of a life but to say faith in a higher judgement
Through forgiveness is the whole point
So there is a ceiling to our judgement
But has ever been the relevance of any ceiling mankind has known
That didn’t better us by challenging it
I will forever question the proverbial seagull who seemed to be cast out by questioning his ceiling
And Iqarus, why was he wrong just to fall
And narcissus, didn’t he learn from his reflection on the ceiling of the water
Is there something solid that means another person is different to me?
Can we love without exchanging that which makes another feel joy?
Is perspective solid?
Can you tickle another without concrete imagery
Heaven relies on solid ground
Resurrections rely on a footstep
Although not entirely
Only to learn the difference yet only ever through your own means of perception
Even of that which can go all places
That we can all become
A freedom that is the need to love